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"Biology is about energy and activity, movement and change, action and reaction. Almost everything that happens in life...boils down to enzymatic catalysis. If biology is to be understood as a process, then the biochemist's input is requisite... This means that for all 30,000-plus components of the proteome, we need quantitative data on the regulation and energetics of interaction and catalysis." - Richard Gallagher, editor, The Scientist, January 19, 2004









BioFitWeb is a package of free on-line tools for estimation of parameters of enzyme catalytic properties from initial rate or time-course experimental data.

Structural models for many biological pathways are being elucidated in laboratories across the world. Yet a full understanding of these chemical interactions, one that will allow accurate modeling and prediction, depends upon more than structural information. The kinetic properties of the reactions and interactions must also be determined. Good estimates of these properties are available for only a small portion of the enzymes known.

The BioFitWeb tools implement the most theoretically rigorous and statistically sound methods available for the analysis of enzyme kinetics data.  Your data will be analyzed to give accurate estimates for kinetic parameters, and reliable mathematical models will be calculated and displayed for your consideration.

BioFitWeb is designed to make the task of the experimenter easier in two ways:

  • we offer a set of free, easy-to-use online tools for estimating kinetic parameters directly from experimental data, and
  • we provide accurate estimates using data from simpler and less costly experimental designs than have previously been possible.


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NSF Grant IIS-0513701